External Audit

What is it?

The External Audit DPS is a compliant way to tender for your external audit contract. It is designed for schools, by schools.

The DPS has a range of different model specifications you can use as templates for your audit contract, from a risk-based approach to a more traditional schedule of audits across the MAT network of schools.

The DPS is structured with regional lots, meaning you can seek tenders from your local firms as well as national market leaders.

The External Audit DPS can help you secure a great contract with a trusted supplier by using our clear and simple templates to run a Further Competition.

Can I use it?

Any educational establishment can use the DPS. This includes primary and secondary schools, multi-academy trusts, further education and higher education organisations.
Users will first need to create a free account on Education Buying to view all the documentation, including guides, instructions, templates and to access tendering support.

Education Buying - External Audit

What are the benefits?

  • Timescales – The nature of a DPS means that Users are not subject to long timescales, which would usually be the case under a standard tender process.
  • Accessibility – This DPS is open to any educational establishment within the UK. Additionally, any supplier can apply to be on the DPS at any time (unlike the more restrictive traditional tender processes). This allows a User to encourage identified suppliers, who they wish to participate, (e.g. incumbent supplier) to apply for the DPS prior to the publication of a Further Competition.
  • Checks – Suppliers have already been assessed on their capabilities to date (‘backwards’ looking), meaning that Users need only assess the suppliers’ ability to carry out the contract in question (‘forwards’ looking).
Education Buying - External Audit

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