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Education Buying - HR and Payroll DPS

What is a DPS?

If you don’t have the time or resource to undertake a complicated and lengthy tender process for contracts such as catering, cleaning, business services etc, Education Buying has done all the hard work for you with our compliant DPS.

A Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) is a framework with the added flexibility of being able to add suppliers at any time. All Call Off’s (orders) are carried out by a Further Competition.

Education buying - HR and Payroll Suppliers

Finding the right supplier for you

Our HR Services & Payroll DPS has been specifically designed to help every school get the right contracts based on their in-house skills, resource and capabilities.

From a single school to a large multi academy trust, the HR Services and Payroll DPS will enable you to find the perfect supplier and secure a great contract for your school.

Fully Compliant

Public sector compliant solution with pre-vetted suppliers ensuring faster award process

Complete experience

Electronic tender process supported by the Education Buying team

Procurement made simple

Readymade templates procurement documents with step-by-step instructions

Quick and Easy Process

Estimated 4–6 weeks timescales to award of tender

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Education Buying - HR and Payroll