New Multi Use Games Area for St. James’ Primary School

St. James’ Primary School needed a new Multi Use Games Area so children could play a range of sports safely and in an enclosed area.
However, they recognised that putting together tender documents, searching for suppliers, managing a tender process and assessing a multitude of supplier responses can put a huge strain on time and resources for any school, so they began looking for an outsourced solution.
After carefully considering a number of procurement providers, the school partnered with professional procurement company Education Buying, due to its extensive experience in helping schools in all areas of procurement including games areas, as well as business services, utilities, ICT, facilities management and stationery.
Education Buying’s experienced procurement professionals helped to guide the school through the entire tender process. This included an initial meeting to ascertain exactly what St. James’ school required form their new games area, how it would be used, technical considerations and what budget they had. A full ‘Invitation to Tender’ document was then produced ready to go to suppliers.
Education Buying ran a fully compliant, competitive tender process to identify the best supplier for St. James’. The most suitable supplier was selected based on a range of criteria including cost, ability to meet the technical specifications and the suppliers financial and social responsibility position.
The result was significant saving in time and money for the school, as well as a fantastic new 30m x 20m fenced Multi Use Games Area for use in PE lessons and break times.
“We were really pleased to work with St. James’ Primary School and help them to secure the best possible contract, at the best price, with minimum fuss and effort for the school”, said Rob Kissick, CEO, Education Buying. “Education Buying has extensive experience in managing tender processes for schools ensuring they access great value whilst purchasing compliantly. It’s great to see the MUGA being utilised by school children and it makes our partnership with them all the more worthwhile.”

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