3 months of free access to procurement experts

New Multi Use Games Area for St. James’ Primary School

With the lockdown imposed across the UK due to the Covid-19, we want to help your school or trust stay connected.

During this uncertain time, we understand that your purchasing needs may have changed. You might need to source goods and services that you didn’t require in the past or need to manage your current suppliers to avoid unnecessary costs for your school.

To support you at this time, we’re giving free access to our EB Manage service for 3 months*.

This means you save 25% on the annual EB Manage membership.

Benefits of EB Manage

We’ll help you create a Contracts Register for your school or trust to help you monitor all your contracts in one place and avoid rolled over contracts fees.

Our team of procurement experts will also give you the support you need on sourcing high-quality suppliers, identifying cost savings and planning ahead for future needs.

At this time, it’s advisable that you review your school’s or trust’s contracts. Our experts will help you create a Procurement Plan, so you get a better overview of your current spend. This takes away the stress when planning for future purchases and puts you in control.

That’s not all. You will also get 10 minutes of free advice per month on all purchasing matters and a half day online meeting to ensure you receive essential advice on your current contracts. And don’t worry, our procurement experts are fully contactable via phone, email or our online video conference.

You will gain a view of our quality assured frameworks on energy, office products, photocopying and more. Plus, you also get a 24/7 pass to deals that help you save money when purchasing goods or services with other schools.

*An annual membership subscription will apply after the 3-month free offer.

This 3-months offer will end on 31 July 2020