DfE gives the seal of approval to our Catering DPS

We’re excited to spill the beans about the Department for Education (DfE) giving a big thumbs up to our Catering Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). It’s a game-changer for schools all over the UK 

What's cooking at Education Buying?

We’ve been stirring the pot (figuratively, of course) to make school life even better. At Education Buying, we’re all about serving up smart solutions for schools, academies, and colleges. Our secret ingredient? An unwavering commitment to excellence. And now, we’ve got the DfE seal of approval to prove it! 

Easy peasy procurement

Our Catering DPS is a recipe for success. It’s all about making life easier for schools. Picture this: a streamlined path to the market that’s PCR15-compliant (translation: it ticks all the right boxes). This means schools can connect with pre-vetted suppliers in no time, making the whole process faster and smoother. 

A buffet of options

Our Catering DPS has almost 40 suppliers, covering the whole of the UK, that can offer a delicious menu of options. We’re talking mouth-watering, healthy menu choices, swapping items on the menu, free school meals, special dietary needs – you name it. Schools can now tailor their catering to their students’ appetites. 

The DPS dish on benefits

One of the big pluses of a DPS? It’s like having a magic wand of flexibility. Suppliers can jump into the game anytime, which means schools can invite their local or incumbent suppliers onto the DPS to enable them to submit a compliant tender bid. 

Time-saving made tasty

We’ve made it a breeze for schools by serving up ready-made Further Competition documents with step-by-step instructions. That’s a lot less headache for schools and a lot more peace of mind. 

Adding flavour with social value and sustainability

Our Catering DPS isn’t just about food; it’s about feeding the soul of the community. Suppliers can dish up ideas that go beyond the school gate, making a positive impact on society, for example:  

  • Source of food – where does the food come from? How far? Is there a provision to supply locally sourced food? This can be part of the ‘quality’ criteria for the evaluation of tenders. 
  • How the catering service contributes to the school curriculum, e.g. where pupils are learning about other cultures and how this can be provided for in the catering provision. 
  • Opportunity for pupils to undertake work experience within the kitchen. 
  • Waste disposal and use of environmentally friendly disposables. E.g. ban of ‘single use’ plastics. 

Sourcing local suppliers isn’t just a win for local businesses; it’s a win for the environment too. Less transport means fewer emissions – it’s a green win-win. 

A recipe for excellence

The DfE’s approval of our Catering DPS shows we’re cooking up something good. Our goal is to let schools focus on what they do best – delivering excellent education – while we take care of the procurement of catering services. 

Want to Know More? 

For all the details about Education Buying’s DfE-approved Catering DPS, check out Catering – Education Buying.