Case Studies

Education Buying has helped hundreds of schools save time and money through our buying and bespoke consultancy solutions. Read through our case studies and see how we have schools and MATs across the UK.

Client Name: Wellington School

Having worked previously with Wellington School, when their contract came to an end at the beginning of this year, they chose to use our DPS for catering. They were looking for a compliant route to market and for support with their procurement activity. Our procurement experts took time to help and inform the school throughout every step of the process. This culminated in a new catering contract that focused heavily on fantastic social value outcomes for the school.


Client Name: Park View Community School

Park View came to us after unforeseen circumstances had meant that they would need to go out to tender for their catering contract. Education Buying was tasked with helping the newly appointed School Business manager for Park View – Wendy Heap – in securing a new catering contract via our DPS. Social value was a focus for the school and eventually they started working with supplier Mellors, saving £528,333 in the process. 

Client Name: Bowker Vale Primary School

Bowker Vale Primary school is a large primary school in Manchester catering to around 450 pupils from aged 3 to 11 years. They were looking for new school catering suppliers with the intention of making savings, improving the meal offering and adding in social value to the contract. They chose to work with Education Buying to start this task, using their Catering dynamic purchasing system (DPS). This DPS has the advantages of being completely PCR2015-compliant, all the suppliers are pre-vetted and it allows for new suppliers to join at any time.  

Client Name: Oasis Community Learning Trust

Throughout the last few months, we have worked hard with Oasis Community Learning Multi-Academy Trust to help them improve and secure a new cleaning contract covering 18 of their schools. 

Oasis were looking for bids from a wide range of suppliers but also wanted to include their incumbent suppliers. To do this they utilised Education Buying Group’s Cleaning DPS for its wide supplier list and ability to invite incumbent and previous suppliers.  

After going to tender, the Trust ended up awarding the contract to the supplier, Churchill Group. Churchill continually look at how they can deliver wider social, economic and environmental benefits, creating better places for their clients and their communities to live, work and succeed. 

Client Name: A MAT in the North West of England

We were approached by a large multi-academy trust in the North West of England to identify opportunities for them to be more strategic about their procurement.

The benefits of strategic sourcing in education have helped realise huge cost savings. The necessity to acquire products and services more efficiently is a growing concern across the MAT. A major step in becoming more strategic is to conduct a spend analysis, which identifies key sourcing opportunities.

Client Name: A School in the West Midlands

Recently, we started working with a school in the West Midlands to secure and deliver their new internet service.

The school and subsequently, the Trust they were a part of wanted new broadband installed throughout all eight schools ranging from primary to secondary that were part of the Trust. They had a specific set of requirements to meet as part of this new tender as well as multiple end dates that Education Buying would need to consolidate.