Case Studies

Education Buying has helped hundreds of schools save time and money through our buying and bespoke consultancy solutions. Read through our case studies and see how we have schools and MATs across the UK.

Client Name: Salford City Academy

Salford City Academy embarked on a mission to secure a top-notch cleaning contract for their facilities. Turning to Education Buying's Cleaning Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), the Academy gained access to a pre-approved supplier list, significantly expanding their reach in the tender process. 

Client Name: Caldew School

After their incumbent supplier unexpectedly served notice with immediate effect, Caldew School was left without a payroll provider and in need of a quick turnaround to put out a new tender. Gail Howes, School Business Manager for Caldew came to Education Buying looking for a solution.  

Client Name: The Painsley Catholic Academy

Painsley Catholic Academy, an esteemed educational institution, sought to improve its printing and photocopying facilities by exploring Education Buying's latest Printer and Photocopier Framework. As one of the pioneering users of this new product, the academy collaborated closely with Education Buying's procurement experts to ensure a tailored solution that met their specific requirements. The objective was to secure a new contract dedicated solely to the Academy's printing and photocopying needs, promoting efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Client Name: RNN Group

After a successful spend analysis conducted by Education Buying for RNN Group, they were keen to continue working with our experts as they required further procurement support and capacity due to the College having an in-house procurement team that was stretched thin across many projects.

Client Name: Enhance Academy

Enhance Academy was looking for assistance in managing one of their big spend contracts that encompassed ten of their schools – their catering contract. Education Buying’s procurement experts were happy to help and immediately started the contract management process.

Client Name: A MAT in the North West of England

We were approached by a large multi-academy trust in the North West of England to identify opportunities for them to be more strategic about their procurement.

The benefits of strategic sourcing in education have helped realise huge cost savings. The necessity to acquire products and services more efficiently is a growing concern across the MAT. A major step in becoming more strategic is to conduct a spend analysis, which identifies key sourcing opportunities.