Efficient HR and Payroll Procurement: Saving Time and Resources with Education Buying's DPS

At Education Buying, we understand the crucial role that efficient HR and Payroll play in ensuring the smooth operation of schools, multi-academy trusts, colleges, and universities. As we gear up for another school year, it’s vital to have the right systems in place. Procuring HR and Payroll services for your educational institution is a strategic process that demands careful planning. Let’s explore how Education Buying’s Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) streamlines the procurement process, saving you valuable time and resources. 

Why Efficient HR and Payroll Procurement Matters

Efficient HR and Payroll systems are the backbone of any educational institution. They ensure compliance with complex employment laws, empower staff, and streamline administrative processes. When procuring HR and Payroll services, you’re not just selecting software – you’re shaping the foundation of your school‘s efficiency. 

Consider Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)

Before diving into the procurement process, it’s essential to explore existing ‘agreements’ that may align with your HR and Payroll requirements. Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) are compliant solutions that have undergone thorough procurement and supplier evaluations. They are provided through government procurement agencies and public sector buying organisations (PSBOs). 

Frameworks: Streamlined Procurement 

Frameworks are pre-approved and compliant arrangements that schools can access for HR and Payroll services. While using a framework may involve a ‘further competition’ process, it eliminates the need for a full PCR15 procurement process, as all the necessary due diligence checks have been completed as part of the framework/DPS process. In a further competition, suppliers approved on the framework are invited to submit refined tenders for your school’s requirements. 

Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS): Always Evolving 

A DPS is similar to a framework agreement but offers the flexibility for new suppliers to join at any time. All contracting authorities, including PSBOs, can set up a DPS. Education Buying has its own HR and payroll DPS. This DPS provides educational establishments with a route to market via a supported Further Competition process. It is fully compliant with Public Contract Regulations 2015, eliminating the need for a full tender process. 

Steps to Procure HR and Payroll Services Efficiently

If you prefer to undertake your own bespoke procurement process, the following steps will guide you through it: 

  • Create a Request for Quote (RFQ): Based on your evaluation of supplier offerings, create an RFQ that outlines your school’s requirements and expectations. Send the RFQ to multiple suppliers to ensure you have a range of quotes to compare. 
  • Evaluate Proposals: Review the proposals received from suppliers and evaluate them against your RFQ requirements. Consider factors such as supplier reputation, system capabilities, implementation timelines, and total cost of ownership. Always request a demo from your top two preferred suppliers to ensure the chosen system meets your school’s needs. 
  • Negotiate the Contract: Once you’ve selected a supplier, engage in contract negotiations to ensure the contract aligns with your school’s needs and budget. Negotiate terms such as the implementation timeline, support and maintenance, and licensing fees. 
  • Perform Due Diligence: Before signing the contract, perform due diligence to ensure the supplier is reputable, their product suits your school’s needs, and their references and track record are favourable. 
  • Implement the System: Work with the supplier to implement the HR and payroll system in your school after the contract is signed. This should include training for HR and payroll staff, data migration, and testing to ensure the system functions correctly. 

By following these steps, schools can approach HR and payroll contract procurement with a strategic and well-planned approach, ensuring the chosen system meets their specific requirements and provides value for money. 

Further Information and Support

If you choose to use a compliant DPS to procure an HR and payroll contract, ensuring that the procurement process is fair, transparent, and meets all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, Education Buying offers specialist advice and templates 

Education Buying is your dependable partner in navigating the complexities of HR and Payroll procurement. We understand that trust and confidence are essential in school administration. Let us help you save time and resources, ensuring that your institution is well-prepared for the upcoming year. Your success is our priority!