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Gain the power of efficiency with our Free Energy Health Check

Are you effectively managing your energy resources? Discover insights and opportunities for improvement with our exclusive Energy Health Check tailored for schools and trusts. 

Fill out the form today to schedule your Health Check and unlock the full potential of your energy strategies. Efficiency begins with insight!

Don’t let inefficiencies drain your resources. Take advantage of our FREE Energy Health Check to kickstart your journey towards optimised energy management to get the best outcomes for your school. Here’s how our assessment can support your energy management:

Meter Profiling

Bid farewell to unnecessary expenses! Our Health Check includes a comprehensive meter profiling to ensure accurate billing based on your specific meter profile. Say goodbye to surprises on your energy bills.

Contract Review

Ensure that your energy contracts are aligned with the best interests of your school or trust. Our team of experts will meticulously review your current contracts to ensure maximum benefits and value for your school.

Alignment with strategy

Is your current energy approach in line with your sustainability goals or net-zero targets? If not, we're here to assist. Our assessment will evaluate alignment and help implement customised strategies tailored to your school or trust's unique needs.

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