Case Study: Retainer: RNN Group


RNN Group


After a successful spend analysis conducted by Education Buying for RNN Group, they were keen to continue working with our experts as they required further procurement support and capacity due to the College having an in-house procurement team that was stretched thin across many projects.


An initial strategic sourcing meeting was set up to make sure RNN was aware of the procurement support offered to them and to gauge what would be required of our procurement experts. From this meeting, a list of six projects of varying priority were planned out by Education Buying and RNN.

Through previous work on a spend analysis project, an established relationship with the Financial Controller and Procurement team in RNN meant we were able to work quickly and begin a strong cohesion between organisations.

Looking at the procurement process, we were able to find ways to improve areas like purchase order management through an exemption report to quickly procure to tight deadlines. We also offered managed tender support, assisting wherever possible so that potential suppliers who are interested in bidding are managed effectively and have a strong relationship with RNN College from the offset.

The Results

Working closely with the Finance Department for RNN Group, we found an established framework to fit the internal audit requirement, contacted all interested suppliers and supported in developing a tailored specification.

A second round of meetings have been set up to continue the hard work conducted so far and to plan on how to follow through on both ongoing projects and any unforeseen procurement activity.

The Impact & Benefits

Retainers are a cost-effective way to receive support and advice from professionals without having to go through the recruitment process and budgeting in salaries. RNN Group has been able to quickly access professional procurement support whenever they need it.

Tailored retainer support makes sure that all work is completed to a high standard, is compliant and is within budget constraints.

RNN Group

With a lot of complex and varied procurement projects ongoing we, at RNN Group couldn't be happier with the expertise and efficiency displayed from Education Buying. They are available whenever we need them, and we are excited to see the benefits our students receive from our work together.

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