Case Study: Our School Supplies framework goes to the top of class with huge savings for Djanogly Learning Trust


Djanogly Learning Trust


To combat the rising prices of school supplies, Education Buying has created a School Supplies Framework Agreement, featuring four excellent suppliers, providing everyday items needed in a classroom, staff room and school office setting.

Djanogly Learning Trust asked us to run a “cost challenge” based on their previous spend to determine the value of savings that could be achieved from our negotiated rates of core items.

We have price checked the new Education Buying School Supplies Framework Agreement to ensure it provides great value for money on all school essentials.


We obtained purchase history data for 11 of the Trust’s current suppliers that covered everything from cleaning supplies, stationery, furniture and sporting equipment.

The Trust was spending a substantial amount on these essential school items, so Djanogly tasked us with looking through their school supplies purchase history and obtain quotes based off their top 15 basket items to save money using our new framework.

The Challenge

Inefficient supply

The Trust was using around 11 suppliers to purchase a range of goods. This brings inefficiencies as good discounts cannot be obtained with smaller purchases across a range of suppliers.

Our Solutions


We benchmarked their core basket of goods with a few suppliers on the new framework on a like-for-like basis to see what level of saving we could deliver for them.

The Results

By reducing the number of suppliers, economies of scale and bulk buying power were utilised. The savings results were incredible!

The core basket savings realised by each supplier were:

Supplier 1 – £38,894.57

Supplier 2 – £35,695.08

Supplier 3 – £32,424.61

The Impact & Benefits

The Trust is now also able to deliver choice to their schools through offering a range of suppliers while realising cash savings and operational efficiencies in the ordering and invoice processing stages.

See how our framework can make savings for your school: Education Buying: Access the Best School Supplies and Stationery.

Jenny Everitt

Head of Finance at Djanogly Learning Trust

“We have been very happy with the support which Education Buying provided to us in developing this new framework and which has given us access to a small number of suppliers who are able to supply quality goods at competitive prices ultimately saving us money and also time. It’s great to feel confident that our Trust has access to suppliers enabling us to make savings on school supplies and educational resources without compromising quality – especially when all other costs are going up, and we can look into repurposing these savings into other areas.”

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