Preparing for the New Academic Year: Your Guide to Effortless School Cleaning Services Procurement

As the current academic year draws to a close, the time has come to lay the foundation for a fresh start. Schools are bustling with activities to ensure a seamless beginning to the upcoming academic year. One crucial aspect of this preparation is securing the right cleaning services to create a clean, safe, and conducive environment for students and staff. Education Buying, your trusted partner in procurement, is here to guide you through this journey and make the process as effortless as possible. 

The Efficiency of Education Buying's Cleaning Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

In a world where time is of the essence, our Cleaning DPS is your efficient tool to find the perfect match supplier for your school’s cleaning needs. This system has been designed with schools in mind, offering an expedited and well-structured approach to procuring cleaning services. 

The Success Story of Salford City Academy

Let’s begin our journey by looking at the transformation of Salford City Academy’s cleaning contract, a remarkable success story that showcases the power of strategic procurement. This case study highlights how the Academy harnessed the capabilities of Education Buying’s Cleaning DPS to secure a top-notch cleaning contract. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Streamline Cleaning Services Procurement

Step 1: Preparing Your Specification 

Preparing the right specifications is the foundation of a successful cleaning services procurement process. This step involves understanding your objectives, whether it’s about cost savings, service improvement, or both. We provide you with expert guidance on this crucial phase. 

  • Cleaning Standards: Guided by the Experts – For schools seeking clarity and consistency in cleaning standards, Education Buying recommends referring to the British Standards Institute’s ‘Uniform Cleaning Surface Standard’ document. This valuable resource ensures that both schools and suppliers have a shared understanding of the expected cleaning standards. 
  • Contract Duration: Balancing Stability and Flexibility – Considering the duration of the cleaning contract is vital. Typical school cleaning services often recommend a contract term of 3 to 5 years, inclusive of break clauses. These break clauses are essential options to exit the contract if necessary, providing both stability and flexibility. 
  • Social Value: Making a Difference Beyond Cleaning – Our Cleaning DPS places a strong emphasis on social value. This means that your cleaning contract can deliver benefits associated with environmental, economic, social, and cultural outcomes. Suppliers have the opportunity to propose initiatives that support key themes, such as training and development opportunities, work experience, and support for the school curriculum. 
  • Health and Safety: Prioritising Well-being – Health and safety should be a core consideration in any cleaning specification. The cleaning services you procure should align with current health and safety standards applicable to cleaning services. This phase also covers aspects like COSHH for cleaning substances and health and safety training. 
  • Specialist Templates for Specifications: Education Buying understands that creating specifications can be a complex task. That’s why we offer specialist templates to simplify the process. These templates have been crafted with the specific needs of schools in mind, making your job easier. 

Step 2: The Tender Stage and Evaluation 

Once your specifications are in place, it’s time to move on to the tender stage. Education Buying recommends providing potential suppliers with ample time to complete and submit their bids. Site visits can be arranged, but only by appointment. 

  • Quality Evaluation: Balancing Cost and QualityIn evaluating tenders, it’s crucial to strike a balance between cost and quality. The award criteria should be clearly defined, and an evaluation plan should be in place. Quality criteria can encompass cleaning methods, staff qualifications and experience, communication plans, quality control, and cost-effectiveness. 
  • Cost Evaluation: Breaking Down the FinancialsThe cost evaluation should provide a detailed breakdown of costs associated with the proposed cleaning services. This includes hourly labour rates, the cost of cleaning supplies and equipment, as well as additional expenses such as transportation and disposal fees. It’s also essential to account for contingencies, such as inflation, taxes, or any extra services required. 
  • Education Buying’s Managed Tender Service: Education Buying offers a managed tender service to support you with award criteria and the evaluation process. Our experts are at your service, ensuring a smooth and transparent evaluation, free from conflicts of interest. 

Step 3: The Contract 

Once the tender has been awarded, the next step is to formalise the contract. This agreement should be signed and sealed by both parties, allowing ample time for the transition of services from the current provider to the new one. In some cases, TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) requirements may apply. 

Step 4: Ongoing Contract Management 

The journey doesn’t end with the contract signing. Regular termly contract review meetings should take place, guided by key performance indicators (KPIs) that the supplier reports back to the school. This collaborative process ensures that both parties uphold their contractual obligations, making adjustments as necessary. 

In this blog post, we’ve unveiled the comprehensive process of streamlining school cleaning services procurement using Education Buying’s Cleaning DPS. Our aim is to empower schools to make informed choices and save valuable time in the procurement process. The success story of Salford City Academy’s cleaning contract is a testament to the efficacy of our system, highlighting the potential for operational efficiency and a commitment to excellence. 

Now, as you embark on your journey to prepare for the new academic year, you can do so with confidence, knowing that you have a dependable partner in Education Buying, committed to supporting your procurement challenges.