Case Study: Transforming Salford City Academy's cleaning contract


Salford City Academy


Salford City Academy embarked on a mission to secure a top-notch cleaning contract for their facilities. Turning to Education Buying’s Cleaning Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), the Academy gained access to a pre-approved supplier list, significantly expanding their reach in the tender process. 


In close collaboration with the Academy, a comprehensive set of tender documents was crafted, leaving no stone unturned. From floor plans to term dates, these documents provided prospective suppliers with a clear roadmap from day one of the contract. The documentation was issued in early September, with an initial two-year contract term, extendable for an additional two years, should the Academy wish to do so. 

The response was overwhelming, with 13 submissions received from eager parties. A joint effort between the school and Education Buying’s procurement experts saw them diligently evaluate each submission, adhering to Salford City Academy’s defined criteria. 

The Results

After a rigorous assessment of all 13 suppliers, it became evident that United Cleaning stood out as the top choice. Their unwavering commitment to service excellence and social responsibility aligned seamlessly with the Academy’s values, ensuring that contract quality and objectives remained paramount throughout the service delivery. 

The Impact & Benefits

This partnership instils confidence in Salford City Academy, assuring them that the contract management process will be upheld for years to come. It’s more than a contract; it’s a promise of a lasting partnership. 

The transformation of Salford City Academy’s cleaning contract serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and strategic procurement. It not only brings about operational efficiency but also reinforces the academy’s commitment to excellence. 

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