Case Study: A School in the West Midlands


A School in the West Midlands


Recently, we started working with a school in the West Midlands to secure and deliver their new internet service.

The school and subsequently, the Trust they were a part of wanted new broadband installed throughout all eight schools ranging from primary to secondary that were part of the Trust. They had a specific set of requirements to meet as part of this new tender as well as multiple end dates that Education Buying would need to consolidate.


Education Buying were asked to help the Trust to consolidate, update, and put to tender a new internet contract that covers all schools currently under the Trust. Some of the objectives of the new contract were to have a stable and faster internet connection than previous, managed routers provided, cloud-based web filtering and a central firewall to be hosted and managed by the supplier.

The Trust decided on using Education Buying’s framework for Internet Connectivity, as its suppliers had already been assessed on their capabilities, experience and financial stability.

The Challenge


The timeline for the procurement and implementation phases were very tight. Starting the procurement in December, with the contract start date in March – allowing 3 months for the procurement and contract mobilisation (over the Christmas holiday period).

Complex Tender Requirements

The Trust wanted an internet solution covering and consolidating all eight of their schools, with differing contract end times and requirements.

Value for money

The Trust was keen to achieve a cash saving by consolidating the contracts for all schools in the Trust with a single supplier.

Our Solutions


The Trust decided on using Education Buying’s internet connectivity framework as suppliers were pre-vetted based on their suitability, experience, and capabilities.


Draft the specification and tender documents for the Trust.


Coordinate the evaluation process, including providing templates for evaluation and guiding the Trust through the pre-tender processes/documents.

The Results

  • Tender delivered on time and without delays, allowing maximum time for service implementation
  • Contract delivered on time and within the given timeframe
  • Requirements successfully met
  • Broadband contracts consolidated across all schools

The Impact & Benefits

  • Reputational enhancement
  • Remain compliant
  • Value for money for the Trust

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