Case Study: Spotless Success: Cleaning Services Procurement for Cumbria Academy of Autism


Cumbria Academy of Autism


In this case study, we delve into a recent tender for Cumbria Academy of Autism’s cleaning services procurement, where our team collaborated closely with the school’s stakeholders to streamline the process effectively.


The primary objective of this procurement project was twofold: to secure cost-effective cleaning services for the Cumbria Academy of Autism while upholding compliance with procurement regulations and ensuring high service quality. The goal was to identify a supplier who could deliver exceptional cleaning services within budgetary constraints and meet the specific needs of the school.

The Challenge

Several challenges were encountered during the procurement process, including:
1. The tender documents needed to encompass all of the school's cleaning service requirements, leading to the development of comprehensive documentation.
2. The procurement process faced the challenge of identifying a supplier capable of providing cleaning staff with the necessary expertise and sensitivity to work effectively within an educational environment catering to autistic children. This required careful consideration of factors such as staff training, communication skills, and understanding of neurodiversity to ensure a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

Our Solutions

To address these challenges effectively, a structured approach was adopted:
1. Collaborative project team: A project team comprising procurement specialists and school representatives was established to ensure alignment with the school's needs and goals throughout the procurement process.
2. Tailored tender documents: The tender documents were meticulously developed in consultation with the school to capture all specific requirements accurately, ensuring transparency and clarity for potential bidders.
3. Comprehensive evaluation criteria: A robust evaluation framework, considering both cost and quality criteria, was devised to objectively assess the submitted tenders and identify the most economically advantageous proposal.

The Results

Following a rigorous evaluation process, the contract was awarded to Bulloughs Cleaning Services Ltd, the highest scoring bidder based on the evaluation criteria. The procurement process yielded the following results:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Bulloughs Cleaning Services Ltd offered competitive pricing while meeting the school’s quality expectations, ensuring optimal utilisation of the school’s budget.
  • Service quality: The selected supplier demonstrated a commitment to delivering high-quality cleaning services, aligning with the school’s standards and requirements.
  • Compliance: The procurement process adhered to all relevant procurement regulations and school policies, ensuring transparency and accountability in supplier selection.

The Impact & Benefits

The successful procurement initiative delivered several tangible benefits:

  • Cost savings: By securing cost-effective cleaning services, the Cumbria Academy of Autism was able to allocate resources more efficiently, potentially redirecting savings towards other essential areas of operation.
  • Quality assurance: The selected vendor’s commitment to quality ensures a clean and hygienic environment for students and staff, contributing to a conducive learning and working environment.
  • Compliance adherence: The transparent and compliant procurement process mitigated risks associated with non-compliance, safeguarding the school against potential legal or financial repercussions.

Kris Williams

Regional Director Cumbria Academy of Autism

"Working with Education Buying has been instrumental in helping us navigate the complexities of procurement while ensuring we get the best value for our resources. The collaborative approach and attention to detail exhibited throughout the process have resulted in a successful outcome, allowing us to focus on our core mission of providing quality education to our students."

Duncan Bullough

Managing Director

"Working with Education Buying and using their dynamic purchasing system for the procurement process was a game-changer for us. It provided an efficient and user-friendly platform that streamlined the entire process, from initial tender submission to contract award. The transparency and ease of use allowed us to focus on presenting our services effectively, ultimately leading to our successful bid. We are thrilled to partner with Cumbria Academy of Autism and are committed to delivering exceptional cleaning services tailored to their unique needs."

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