Case Study: Caldew School excel with a new payroll provider with help from Education Buying


Caldew School


After their incumbent supplier unexpectedly served notice with immediate effect, Caldew School was left without a payroll provider and in need of a quick turnaround to put out a new tender. Gail Howes, School Business Manager for Caldew came to Education Buying looking for a solution.  


With the school’s payroll contract running out in July 2023, they required a new service to commence from 1st of August 2023. Caldew School decided to run a further competition on the Education Buying Payroll dynamic purchasing system, with the hopes of utilising one of the pre-vetted and ‘approved suppliers’ that are on the DPS.  

The tender documentation was developed in cooperation with Gail, ensuring all requirements were effectively captured. The documentation was then sent to Caldew on the 28th March, within two days the documents were returned to Education Buying, signed and ready to go out to tender. 

After evaluating the three potential bidders for the contract, it was awarded to EPM, for their remarkable savings opportunities and the quality that they would bring to the school.  

The Results

A new contract was signed between Caldew School and EPM to fulfil their payroll needs for the next three years. Savings were achieved as well – annual savings of £2,176 or a full contractterm saving of £6,651 – giving the school added funds to budget around and continue to evolve their scholastic experience.  

For example, the savings achieved within this contract could afford the school either 2660 student meals, 28 qualified teacher agency days, 13 iPads or an outright purchase of a new photocopier!  

The Impact & Benefits

Contract terms were agreed as a 3-year contract with an option to further extend for 3 years at annual increments, giving the school the peace of mind that they wouldn’t be left high and dry again. 

Gail Howes

School Business Manager

As a relatively new School Business Manager with limited experience of tendering, the news that a new payroll provider would need to be secured was quite daunting. I have valued the support from colleagues at Education Buying who have guided me through every stage of the process. I am delighted that we are now in the mobilisation phase with EPM ready for them to take over as our provider from 1st August.

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