Case Study: Contract Management: Enhance Academy


Enhance Academy


Enhance Academy was looking for assistance in managing one of their big spend contracts that encompassed ten of their schools – their catering contract. Education Buying’s procurement experts were happy to help and immediately started the contract management process.


An introductory meeting with the procurement team for Enhance Academy was set up, sourcing all necessary data for the contract such as:

  • Names and addresses schools concerned
  • Pupil numbers
  • Number of meals consumed

From that data, Education Buying’s procurement experts put together the documentation required to issue a tender.

After issuing the tender and setting up school visits for potential suppliers, there was a good response from numerous interested parties wanting to be the supplier. Following on from that tender process were taste tests and interviews, giving the team at Enhance Academy a chance to further evaluate the interested parties.

Working with Enhance, they picked the most Economically Advantageous Tender for their schools, which led to a local authority being awarded the contract. The contract management process then began.

There have already been two follow-on contract management meetings conducted between the supplier, Enhance Academy and our procurement team. This is to help ensure that the contract gets a good start and that any potential queries or worries can be solved immediately. To facilitate the communication between Enhance Academy and their chosen supplier for such a big contract long-term is to make sure that it always stays efficient and delivers what is needed by tracking the requirements of the contract.

The Results

The Local Authority’s contract commenced at Enhance Academy schools in October 2022, taking in all the current staff as is necessary under the TUPE regulations.

Further contract management meetings are to be put in place however, both Enhance Academy and the supplier are happy with how the contract is going.

The Impact & Benefits

There’s been an uptake in school meals, further reducing overall supplier costs due to the fact that they can purchase in higher volumes.

Enhance Academy

This was a particularly complex contract that we were trying to put together for our schools and we couldn’t have done it so effectively without Education Buying’s help managing the process and working with us every step of the way. Enhance Academy is excited to see what the future holds for our pupils as we continue to work with the Education Buying team.

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