Case Study: The Painsley Catholic Academy partners with Education Buying to optimise their procurement


The Painsley Catholic Academy


Painsley Catholic Academy, an esteemed educational institution, sought to improve its printing and photocopying facilities by exploring Education Buying’s latest Printer and Photocopier Framework. As one of the pioneering users of this new product, the academy collaborated closely with Education Buying’s procurement experts to ensure a tailored solution that met their specific requirements. The objective was to secure a new contract dedicated solely to the Academy’s printing and photocopying needs, promoting efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 


Education Buying’s procurement experts worked diligently with the Painsley Catholic Academy to understand their exact needs and expectations. By crafting comprehensive tender documentation, Education Buying ensured that potential suppliers were well-informed about the Academy’s specific requirements and the scope of the contract. The tender documentation was developed meticulously, encompassing all necessary details, so potential bidders could deliver their best proposals. 

Following a thorough evaluation of three potential bidders, the contract was ultimately awarded to Automated Systems Group (ASL) based on their impressive combination of quality and competitive pricing. The contract was agreed upon for a term of three years, with no options to extend, providing stability and predictability for the Academy’s printer and photocopier services. 

The Results

The collaboration between the Painsley Catholic Academy and Education Buying showcases how a proactive approach to procurement, coupled with a focus on customer-specific requirements, can lead to outstanding results.

By utilising the new Printer and Photocopier Framework and partnering with Automated Systems Group, the Academy secured an optimised contract that provided cost savings, stability, and quality service.

Education Buying’s dedication to supporting its clients every step of the way exemplifies its commitment to delivering tailored solutions that empower educational establishments to thrive. 

The Impact & Benefits

One of the key benefits of the new contract with ASL was the guarantee of no price increases throughout its three-year duration. This assurance allowed the Painsley Catholic Academy to plan its budget with confidence, free from concerns about unexpected cost escalations. 

Moreover, by leveraging the expertise of their chosen supplier, the Painsley Catholic Academy managed to achieve significant savings amounting to £83,797.88 over the entire contract term. These savings resulted from a combination of cost reductions and efficient usage strategies recommended by ASL. 

Joanne Bradbury

Chief Operating Officer at The Painsley Catholic Academy

With the successful implementation of our new Printer and Photocopier contract, we not only improved our printing and photocopying services but also established a strong foundation for potential future compliant procurements with Education Buying. Our satisfaction with the seamless procurement process and the realised cost savings positions Education Buying as a trusted partner for any future procurement needs.

Nicola Brydon

Senior Bid Manager at Automated Systems Group ASL

The Academy wanted to adopt the latest-generation technologies to reduce energy consumption, contain costs and raise the quality of output. This allowed ASL as a multi-vendor supplier to propose the best option for Painsley Catholic Academy and each School within the Trust for a tailored solution. ASL worked closely with the Academy to transform printing operations and deliver benefits across the Academy and Schools. The new system is a future-proof investment with robust, reliable devices with the latest technologies that are simple to use with improved efficiencies, that have reduced costs, reduced waste and improved security. This is further underpinned by ASL Dedicated Account Management and award winning after sales service for robust and reliable maintenance. ASL look forward to continuing our partnership with the Academy.

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